Products & Services

Products and Services

SunGen Capital Management is a renewable energy finance and investment management firm that specializes in providing capital and portfolio management for projects in the following markets:

  1. Residential rooftop and small commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) projects

  2. Residential Solar Thermal projects

  3. Residential and commercial Energy Efficiency projects

Our financing programs allow homeowners, businesses and state and local government organizations to install affordable solar energy and hot water systems, and implement energy efficiency projects in their properties.

At SunGen Capital Management we invest our own capital, as well as capital raised from our investors. Our mission is to become a leader in a fast-growing but underserved market by:

  1. Designing and structuring leasing and lending programs, funded by capital which is raised by SunGen Capital Management.

  2. Offering a standardized set of application, credit criteria and documentation that have been pre-approved by rating agencies and financial partners that result in efficient, secure and cost-effective transactions.

  3.  Financing similarly structured project transactions and aggregating these transactions into portfolios.

  4. Managing the portfolios and creating additional investment opportunities for institutional investors.

We work directly with  banks, equity investors and other capital providers to provide tax equity investments and long-term debt financing. We design and structure our transactions to maximize federal tax benefits and state subsidies attributable to renewable energy. In originating and  managing our portfolios we partner with state and federal agencies, regulators, loan origination & servicing providers, marketers and project developers to offer fully-integrated programs and unique opportunities for our investors.