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Energy Efficiency (EE) projects are popular and low-cost alternatives for residential, commercial and industrial clients to reduce their energy costs. In every state in the U.S., a large number of contractors, installers and equipment manufacturers offer a broad range of EE projects. These contractors will first evaluate a residence, apartment building or office space, as well as industrial and commercial installations, and then implement repairs and upgrades which include insulation, equipment upgrades, lighting upgrades etc.

Energy efficiency projects typically qualify for federal and state-level subsidies and tax credits, including (in some states) renewable energy credits (REC).

SunGen Capital Management provides financing for large-scale EE programs across the US. We partner with the originators and administrators of these programs, and raise the funds (typically long-term debt) for low-cost loans to homeowners and businesses. We aggregate these loans into portfolios, and maximize the available federal and state-level incentives for EE improvement projects.