Founded in 1947 and specializing exclusively in residential energy efficiency lending for the past ten years, AFC First is a national leader in residential energy-efficiency and renewable lending and rebate programs.  Nationally, AFC operates its EnergyLoan® and other programs in partnerships with states, utilities, manufacturers and municipalities.  Programs are offered through a network of over 3,000 Approved Contractors – companies involved in selling, installing and servicing high efficiency heating, air conditioning, weatherization and “whole house” remodeling and alternative energy related home improvements.   AFC First is one of three Fannie Mae approved Energy Lenders in the United States.

SunGen and AFC have partnered to create a unique financing program that introduces private bank financing to the PowerSaver program. PowerSaver is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) sponsored financing program wherein the federal government insures and guarantees approved lenders for losses incurred in consumer loans for financing residential energy efficiency improvements.