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New York – August 26, 2013

SunGen Capital Management Launches PowerSaver Financing Program

SunGen Capital Management, LLC (“SunGen”) announced the successful closing of the first privately funded PowerSaver loan program. SunGen created a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that borrows funds from a regional bank and purchases 100% interest of consumer energy efficiency loan portfolios generated by AFC First Financial Corp. (“AFC”).

PowerSaver is a Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) sponsored financing program wherein the federal government insures and guarantees approved lenders for losses incurred in consumer loans for financing residential energy efficiency improvements. AFC is an FHA approved lender that originates and sells loans which enable homeowners to make cost effective energy saving improvements to their homes, through a network of approved suppliers and contractors. SunGen and AFC have partnered to create a unique financing program that introduces private bank financing to the PowerSaver program.

The first phase of the private financing program will be offered in Pennsylvania and Connecticut and will be expanded regionally and nationally as SunGen intends to secure additional financing commitments from local and regional banks to facilitate the anticipated growth of the program.

“SunGen Capital Management is pleased to launch this innovative financial structure that will make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to finance energy efficiency improvements for their homes”, said Sakis Asteriadis, SunGen’s Managing Partner. “Our program structure creates tremendous opportunities for local and regional banks to participate in this growing market to provide financing for residential renewable energy and energy efficiency projects”.

About SunGen Capital Management: SunGen is a boutique renewable energy project finance and investment management firm. Our financing programs provide unique investment opportunities for our investors, and allow homeowners and businesses to install affordable solar energy solutions and to implement energy efficiency improvements in their properties. For more information about SunGen please visit

For more information about this product contact: Sakis Asteriadis - Managing Partner, SunGen Capital Management.

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